Alcoholic metaverse: Heineken creates its metaverse just for propaganda

Metaverse and NFT are very strong words right now. The popularity of these two technologies continues to grow. Soon even on Instagram we will have NFT! Not to mention, of course, that the owner of the instagram will invest heavily in metaverse. Following the wave of this “virtual universe“, a Heineken launched its own little world. Or is it not?

Pixel-based frozen beer?

Perhaps it is better to advance this part: the The Heineken Metaverse and its virtual beer, Heineken Silver, are just a publicity stunt. That said, let’s explain this (great) move.

THE Heineken Money, as the brewery’s ad says, is a virtual beer made with the freshest pixels. The company adds: no malt, hops, yeast, water or…beer, of course. situated in Decentralized and metaversethe “brasserie” and advertising stand of Heineken there is nothing but a space for your avatar to take a screenshot with the hashtag “awesome heineken marketing stunt”. In the free Portuguese translation, “a sensational marketing stunt by Heineken“. What is the Heineken Money. The space also offers a presentation of the campaign. Moreover, the CEO of the brewery (from the real world) takes the opportunity to make fun of the metaverse.

In the first image, the only “useful” thing in the Heineken metaverse. Credits: Reading/Mashable.

“Just kidding, damn it! »

Bram Westenbrink, Global Brand Director, said in the press release that Heineken Money it’s an “ironic joke”. “It’s a conscious idea that makes fun of us and several other brands jumping on the metaverse with the products best used in real life“, adds Westenbrink.

And do you think Westenbrink was telling the truth? Tell me in the comments that I’m going to drink wine there in GTA Online and I’ll read your response.

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Source: mashed

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