After registering an 8000% increase in positive dengue fever cases in one month, Xanxerê declares an emergency

The municipality of Xanxerê published this Friday (18) an order declaring an emergency situation due to the dengue fever epidemic. Decree 067/2022 takes into account the increase in the proliferation and infestation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, as well as the need to put in place measures to control Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

In just one month, the number of positive dengue fever cases increased by 8,000%. According to Epidemiological Surveillance, the town has 151 confirmed cases of the disease, already characterizing a dengue epidemic. Of this number, 150 are indigenous, that is to say that they contracted the virus in the commune, and 01 imported, contracted in another commune.

The neighborhoods with the most mosquito outbreaks are: São Romero, Bela Vista, Sufiatti and La Salle. According to epidemiological surveillance, the only neighborhood that has not recorded any suspected cases of dengue fever is Santa Cruz.

“We need everyone to be aware and responsible for cleaning their land and spaces where mosquitoes can breed, because only then can we eliminate breeding sites. Similarly, the municipality will clean up public spaces and grounds. We are going to do everything in our power to further defeat this disease,” said the acting mayor, Adenilso Biasus.

Health Secretary Francis Mara Zago Pegoraro points out that this is a situation facing all of Brazil. The municipality created the situation room to define strategies to fight dengue fever.

“We will do the accreditation of private laboratories here in the municipality to facilitate and speed up the results of the examinations, because the results of Lacen take a long time and this is a very serious situation, where there can be no delay.”

Starting next week, the municipality will carry out an inspection working group with servers from other departments, made up of more inspectors, who will supervise and inform landowners of the need for cleaning. .

“The objective is not the fine, but the notification to make owners aware of the cleaning of their land,” added the municipality’s attorney general, Fernando Dal Zot.


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