A man will be compensated in southern ES after receiving a false positive for syphilis

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A resident of southern Espírito Santo was misdiagnosed with syphilis after undergoing an examination at a health post in the area. The information comes from the Court of Justice Espírito Santo (TJES).

According to TJES, the case happened when Bom Jesus do Norte was promoting a campaign, carrying out preventive examinations. After investigation by Justice, it was found that the man had suffered serious moral damage, and compensation of R$ 5,000 was set.

The man said that after the blood test he was diagnosed by a municipal medical professional, who found the result to be advanced tertiary syphilis.

Drugs were prescribed for the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by a doctor on the unit.

In his testimony, the man said that because it is a small town, everyone was aware of what had happened. Additionally, the news generated an argument with his wife, who suspected betrayal in the relationship.

The woman was also tested to see if she had contracted the disease, but the result was negative. For this reason, the man underwent a new test in a private laboratory, which also came back with a negative result for the disease.

What did the municipality say?

According to TJES, the municipality said there was no evidence in the records of a definite diagnosis indicating whether or not the disease existed, as the drug was used for the treatment of syphilis.

The judge of the single court of Bom Jesus do Norte analyzed the case and verified the existence of the examination carried out by the municipality with a positive result, and the test carried out in the laboratory with a result different from the previous one.

In addition, he pointed out that the Ministry of Health indicates that the protocol to follow in the event of a positive rapid test for syphilis is to have a blood sample taken and sent for a laboratory test to confirm the disease.

The second test was carried out 9 days after the first and the medical prescription indicated that it was necessary to ingest 3 doses of the drug every 7 days, that is to say that the medical protocol was not completed so that the man be healed.

The judge also said that in addition to the misdiagnosis, there was also a failure in the way the result was disclosed, because according to the witnesses heard, the statement on the examination was made near other people, including several of the man’s friends. , who was attending at the time.

*With information from the Court of Justice of the State of Espírito Santo

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