The town hall mobilizes Petroines for “D-Day” against Aedes

Faced with the worrying scenario due to the proliferation of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in Petrolina, the town hall has planned this Sunday (20) a social mobilization action to eliminate possible epidemics of the transmitter of dengue, zika and chikungunya. According to the Municipal Department of Health (SMS), this work is in addition to the actions already intensified.

The goal is to educate residents and, at the same time, to mobilize them to inspect their backyards and residential areas that can accumulate stagnant water and serve as a breeding ground.

Endemic Community Agents (ACE) will be in São Gonçalo, Jardim Petrópolis, Vila Maria Chocolate, Gercino Coelho, KM-2 and Palhinhas. According to the 2nd Rapid Index of Aedes aegypti (LIRAa), these neighborhoods had a higher infestation rate and risk of mosquito breeding. House-to-house visits will be made, officers will guide residents on precautions to avoid standing water in homes, as studies show the most outbreaks occur within households.

This period of the year, due to intermittent rains and high temperatures, ends up becoming a favorable period for the proliferation of mosquitoes. So, this Sunday, I invite the entire population to mobilize in their neighborhood and to carry out an inspection of their homes together in order to eliminate any mosquito breeding sites. It is our responsibility to all“, underlines the executive secretary of Health Watch, Marlène Leandro.

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