The project suggests the implementation of the “Março Lilás” program in Porto Ferreira

Petition No. 107/2022, presented by Councilor Élcio Arruda (MDB) in the last ordinary session held on Monday (03/14), transmits Bill No. 04/2022, which provides for the implementation of the “Março Lilás” law establishing, in the municipality of Porto Ferreira, the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and other measures.

The objective of the project is to raise women’s awareness of cervical cancer. “Mainly in relation to prevention. The main objective is to intensify measures to bring all health information to the female public. This orientation is very important with regard to treatment, diagnosis. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the greater the chances of successful treatment,” commented the city councilor during the discussion of the request.

Since the project is a proposal for a bill sent to the executive, Élcio Arruda said he expects the mayor to send it in the form of a bill. “As the mayor has given a lot of attention to projects of this nature, I hope this project will come back as a bill.”

The formalization of the “Marche des Lilacs” makes it possible to allocate resources to carry out the activities. “We know there are a lot of actions already being taken by UBS, by the municipal health department, in which I commend all the health professionals involved, but with a law in place it will have much more force, as sending amendments through this House of Laws to be able to bring all the information to the female population,” concluded Élcio Arruda.

The request was approved by all the councillors, being sent to the Municipal Executive who will decide on its restitution in the form of a bill.

Cervical cancer

Also known as cervical cancer, it is caused by persistent infection with certain types of viruses called human papillomavirus (HPV). For cancer prevention, it is recommended that women undergo periodic Pap tests from the age of 25 and use condoms during sexual intercourse.

Since 2014, the Ministry of Health has implemented the tetravalent HPV vaccine for girls aged 9 to 13 in its vaccination schedule. Currently, it is also possible to get vaccinated against HPV for girls aged 9 to 14 and boys aged 11 to 14. Vaccination does not exclude the need for a preventive Pap test in women.

Cervical cancer is the third most common malignancy in the female population, after breast cancer and colorectal cancer and excluding non-melanonic skin cancer. In 2020, it was estimated that 16,710 women would be diagnosed with cancer in Brazil.

With information from the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health

By the Porto Ferreira City Hall Press Office

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