The campaign against the dengue mosquito raises awareness and informs about the subject in Igrejinha – Repercussão Paranhana

The number of confirmed dengue fever cases in Igrejinha has triggered an alert in the municipality, and from the first moment the administration is working to fight the spread of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, responsible for dengue fever, zika and chikungunya.
One of the actions designed by the City Council on the subject is Desapega, a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the proliferation of the dengue mosquito.
On Saturday 12, the Cohab neighborhood received the attention of waiters from different city hall departments, who worked together to check possible mosquito breeding sites, collecting materials thrown away by the population and alerting the community. , distributing information brochures.
Joice Cristine Kraulich, endemic combat agent of the municipality, explains the reasons why the neighborhood was chosen for the second edition of Desapega. “In fact, it has been defined by the highest number of existing cases and to be a place that we know has problems with garbage and waste disposal,” he points out.
The contribution of each citizen in this fight is also fundamental. The Department of Health advises residents to carry out periodic inspections in their yards, looking to eliminate possible breeding sites, such as tires, flower pots and any object or place that can accumulate water.

Goal praised by the mayor

  • The mayor of Igrejinha, Leandro Horlle, underlines the main axis of this action. “The main objective is to promote cleanliness, so that the inhabitants can turn off everything that is no longer useful, all those objects that can accumulate water, in short, which can be places where the dengue mosquito leaves its larvae”, quotes.
    Horlle also reveals that the town hall establishes a calendar to carry out the action every 15 days, in different places in the town.

important reinforcement

The fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes gained an important ally last weekend. Since Saturday, the municipality has reinforced equipment called aerosol generator for vehicles, which will be used in confrontational actions.
For the use of this device, the Health Department has the support of the Igrejinha Volunteer Fire Department, which provides a vehicle for the application of the insecticide.
The work will always be carried out from 6 am and at the end of the afternoon, hours when, according to the secretary, the application gives better results.

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