SES warns of reduced vaccination coverage in children up to one year old in Paraíba

The State Department of Health (SES) published, this Wednesday (16), the vaccination bulletin for the year 2021, with the analysis of the vaccination coverage of children up to the age of one year . The National Vaccination Program (PNI) has established the coverage target for Rotavirus and BCG at 90% and 95% for the other vaccines in the National Children’s Vaccination Calendar, but the document shows that Paraíba is below the target. target recommended in all vaccines.

The bulletin describes the percentage coverage of the BGC, Polio, Pentavalent, Rotavirus, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Triple Viral (first dose), Hepatitis “A” and Yellow Fever vaccines.

The document indicates that vaccination coverage dropped considerably from 2020 and that this situation worsened in 2021. The BCG vaccine, for example, which protects against tuberculosis, had a coverage of 94.9% in 2019, falling at 61.21% in 2020 and, in 2021, it only reached 60.65% of the target audience. Only 12 of the state’s 223 sites managed to achieve 90% coverage in the past year. The municipality of Patos is one of those in the most critical situation: it has reached only 9.35% of children who should be vaccinated with BCG.

The Secretary of State for Health, Geraldo Medeiros, points out that this is the reality of all vaccines in the schedule for children up to one year old.

“All vaccination coverage has fallen sharply over the past two years and, especially at this time of a pandemic, this situation is worrying, because there is a real possibility that we will return to current cases of already eradicated diseases, such as poliomyelitis. “, he commented.

In Paraíba, in 2021, polio vaccine reached 66.29% coverage; Pentavalente hit the 67.11% mark; Rotavirus, 66.71%; Meningococcal disease reached 66.28% of the target audience; the first dose of Triple Viral had a range of 67.58%; Hepatitis “A” reached 58.8%, yellow fever had the worst performance, with only 45% coverage and pneumococcus had 70.06% coverage, the best in the state among the nine vaccines mentioned in the bulletin.

“With the minimum target being 90% for rotavirus and BCG and 95% for other vaccines, the current coverage shows how critical the situation in Paraíba is in relation to these coverages. Brazil has one of the most robust vaccination programs in the world, all of these vaccines are included in the children’s schedule of the Ministry of Health, are offered free of charge by the SUS and are available in more than a thousand vaccination across the state. It is very important for parents to have their children vaccinated and for the municipalities to facilitate this access, by extending the opening hours and carrying out the search for children who are late for vaccines”, warns Geraldo Medeiros.


At birth, the baby should receive a dose of BCG and the hepatitis “B” vaccine. At two months, the first doses of Pentavalent, Rotavirus, Poliomyelitis and Pneumococcus are applied. At three months, the child receives the vaccine which prevents against meningococcal C disease. At four months, the Pentavalent, Rotavirus, Poliomyelitis and Pneumococcal boosters are administered and, at five months, the Meningococcal C booster. the third dose of Pentavalente and the polio vaccine are applied, as well as the dose that protects against influenza. At nine months, the child is vaccinated against yellow fever and, at 12 months, he receives the first dose of MMR and reminders of Pneumococcus and Meningococcus C.

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