Paraíba is below average in demand for all vaccines for children, and SES warns the population | Paraiba

Paraíba is below the vaccination coverage target for all vaccines applied in the national childhood vaccination schedule. This Wednesday (16), the State Department of Health (SES) released the 2021 Immunization Information Bulletin, with an analysis of immunization coverage for children through one year of age.

The National Vaccination Program (PNI) has set the coverage target for Rotavirus and BCG at 90% and 95% for the other vaccines, but no target has been reached by the State.

The survey reports that coverage dropped from 2020, with the situation worsening in 2021. The BCG vaccine, for example, which protects against tuberculosis, had 94.9% coverage in 2019, dropping to 61, 21% in 2020 and, in 2021, it reached only 60.65% of the target audience.

Of Paraíba’s 223 municipalities, only 12 cities achieved 90% coverage last year. The municipality of Patos was one of the most affected, reaching only 9.35% of children who should be vaccinated with BCG.

Consult the childhood vaccination schedule

According to the Ministry of Health, the baby should receive a dose of BCG and the vaccine against hepatitis “B” from birth. At two months, the first doses of Pentavalent, Rotavirus, Poliomyelitis and Pneumococcus are applied.

At three months, the child receives the vaccine that prevents against meningococcal C disease. At four months, the Pentavalent, Rotavirus, Poliomyelitis and Pneumococcal boosters are given and, at five months, the Meningococcal C booster.

At six months of age, the third doses of Pentavalente and the poliomyelitis vaccine are applied, as well as the dose that protects against influenza. At nine months, the child is vaccinated against yellow fever and, at 12 months, he receives the first dose of MMR and reminders of Pneumococcus and Meningococcus C.

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