Alleged aggression against FC Porto-Benfica without sanction… on prescription – Liga Bwin

Facts about the February 2020 Classic

An investigative procedure to investigate a possible assault during FC Porto-Benfica’s 2019/20 season, counting for the championship, has been dropped as the deadlines for deducting the charge have passed.

The note on the prescription was published yesterday by the Disciplinary Board (CD), which specifies that the investigation procedure initiated on March 3, 2020 had for “possible object of aggression during the match between FC Porto and Benfica, held on March 8. February 2020, counting for Liga NOS”.

As far as it was possible to know, the incident in question was based on reports of assault from one spectator to another at the Estádio do Dragão.

The League Instructors Commission, tasked with investigating the investigation, sent the DC a filing proposal on February 28, 2022, nearly two years after the process began. Last Wednesday, the CD decided to close the limitation period, “which had already taken place before the file was transmitted to it by the commission of instructors of the League”.

If the aggression was proven in the context of a disciplinary procedure, the club of the aggressor supporter would incur a fine of between 2,500 and 10,000 euros, a sanction provided for aggressions between spectators not resulting in particularly serious injuries.


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