A campaign to raise awareness of the risks of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second most common in the country and the fourth with the highest incidence in Amazonas, according to the Ministry of Health and the Amazonas State Oncology Control Center Foundation (Fcecon).

Colorectal cancer awareness campaign.  Photo: Disclosure

Colorectal cancer awareness campaign. Photo: Disclosure

The disease affects the large intestine or rectum, causing abdominal discomfort, anemia, weight loss, among other symptoms. Each year, there are more than 40,000 cases across the country. One of the ways to reduce these numbers is to raise awareness. with the campaign blue stepwhich reinforces the importance of prevention, diagnosis and early treatment of colorectal cancer, it is possible to encourage debate on the subject, and to alert the population.

The CEO of Fcecon, Gerson Mourão explained that early detection helps to have a successful treatment, but the ideal is to prevent.

“You’ll be able to detect it at the start, when you walk in and you see the lesion, you press the button and it changes the colors of that lesion so you know whether or not it’s a tumor that’s there. And it amplifies it so you don’t miss what you’re going to take away. And at the same time perform the surgery. With this equipment that we’ll have in three or four months, it’s going to change the history of colorectal cancer within the state , changing the colorectal cancer story Changing the colorectal cancer story also means that people do what they need to do: cut down on red meat, avoid alcohol, and get a colonoscopy after age 50. there is a family history of this disease, do a colonoscopy at 40,” he said.

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Other factors that can contribute to the emergence of colorectal cancer include: obesity, ingestion of fatty and industrialized foods, in addition to the consumption of smoked foods, such as sausages, mortadella, sausages , hams and bacon. In other words, having a healthy diet and a balanced diet, combined with the practice of physical activity, is good for your health.

Rebeca Beatriz – Radio Rio Mar

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