The platform adds a new feature for in-app lives, the feature is expected to improve in-app activity


The information was given by the site “canaltech”

(Photo illustration by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images) - Instagram app and logo.
(Photo illustration by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images) – Instagram app and logo.

According to information from the “Canaltech” site, one of the largest and most used social networks in the world, Instagram, has added a new feature for its users. The feature is already widely used by several Streamers (in their stream profiles) like, for example, Alanzoka (one of the biggest Brazilian names in the field, who uses Twitch to make lives).

The function of adding a moderator to the lives of the platform will allow the person doing the live to select one of the people present in the live broadcast to be the moderator. The chosen person will be able to perform certain functions: report comments, exclude people from live, pin comments and important messages, etc.

To select one of the surfers, you just have to follow a few steps. 1) Open the Instagram camera and choose the “Live” option to start your live. Then tap the three dots icon located in the comment bar; of them) In the menu, select “Add a moderator”; 3) The app will display the list of people watching your live stream. Choose who you want to assign moderator roles to and tap “Add” next to the name; 4) Finally, press “Confirm” to add a moderator on an Instagram live. You can only add one person per live video.

Already thinking about the moderator, in order to be able to perform the desired functions, the person will have to follow certain steps. 1) Start watching a live on Instagram. If the administrator profile chooses you as moderator, a warning is displayed on the screen; of them) To manage the broadcast, tap a comment to see more options; 3) Then view all available functions. You can remove profiles and comments from live, in addition to pinning replies and reporting inappropriate content. It is good to remember that the creator of the live will be able to see, at the end of the broadcast, a report of the actions of the moderator.

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