Tesla fired employee who posted videos criticizing Full Self Driving

Tesla’s relationship with its employees has been contentious over the years. The brand has strict policies that prevent most information from being shared outside of the corporate sphere.

A recent case reveals that an employee was fired because he shared videos on YouTube showing Full Self Driving performance, with results not always positive.

Tesla Full Self Driving Youtube videos have been fired

Fully autonomous driving caused problems for an employee

The development of Full Self Driving is still done by Tesla and there are a few flaws that may be concerning. The brand seems determined to solve them, but is not interested in having them revealed and shown to the public.

This is the reason John Bernal gave for being fired from Tesla, according to his statements. This former employee of Elon Musk's company had a YouTube channel where he presented the new versions of Full Self Driving and where he sometimes showed the flaws in the system.

John Bernal explained that before being fired, he had been warned verbally by his boss. According to the company, the videos featured on its YouTube channel, AI Addict, violated company policy and created a conflict of interest.

original video

Tesla fired without giving obvious reason

A few days later, Tesla categorically fired this employee and did not reveal any reason for this decision. Access to Full Self Driving and any trial version of this system was also immediately removed.

This isn't the first time Tesla has alerted John Bernal about his videos. At some point in the past, he posted a video in which he showed an issue with Full Self Driving. It was a very successful video on the Internet that many shared on social networks.

At that time, he was advised not to publish any information criticizing the company and its autonomous driving system. This indication has always appeared informally and has never been officially written.

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It is not clear if they can put videos on YouTube

Company policy regarding employee social media and information sharing is ambiguous on this point and makes no reference to posting reviews on social media.

Yet he is clear about his position on these websites. It relies on the common sense and good judgment of its employees to engage in responsible activities on social networks. The list of sites includes the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and others) but does not mention YouTube.

Tesla also went public to show its position on the case.

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