Sonae refuses rationing and says ‘nothing is missing’ in warehouses

The executive president (CEO) of Sonae, Cláudia Azevedo, rejects the possibility of rationing in the sale of certain products following the war in Ukraine, assuring that the group’s warehouses “lack nothing”.

“During the last two years of the pandemic, we have gained flexibility and creativity. We have spent two years, notably at Sonae MC [retalho alimentar], in which we wondered every day whether or not there would be a shortage of products. And in fact, we managed, with a lot of work, to make sure that we always had products. If we didn’t have one place, we would buy another. And we will always be like this,” said the Sonae manager during the presentation of the group’s results, which took place today in Maia.

Recalling that “Continente is 36 years old” and “has already gone through several economic cycles”, Cláudia Azevedo assured that Sonae, whether “with its own brand or with a supplier brand”, “will try to find creative ways to provide other products”. and baskets”.

Regarding the limitations – currently in force both in Sonae’s supermarkets and hypermarkets, and in other operators – on the sale of sunflower oil, which is imported from Ukraine, the CEO of Sonae rejects that he is is “rationing”.

“I wouldn’t call it rationing, because we have a lot of sunflower oil in our warehouses. What we and several other operators didn’t want was people buying 50 bottles because of some news, so that they only need two, and there can be a shortage. I would say it’s more to shape demand, because there hasn’t been a shortage,” he said. he argued, adding: “In our warehouses, for the moment, nothing is missing and we do not anticipate that there will be any missing”.

Asked by the Lusa agency about the possibility of extending this practice to other products, Cláudia Azevedo assured that it was not planned. “Only if something crazy happens,” he said.

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