LIRAa indicates a high risk of Aedes aegypti infestation and care should be redoubled

The Endemics Control Sector, linked to the Environmental Health Surveillance Division, released this Wednesday (16) the figures of the second Rapid and Random Survey (LIRAa) in Cascavel. The data are worrying and require greater public commitment to clean up land and eliminate stagnant water that serves as a breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever.

4,787 properties were inspected and infestation was found in 5.3% of them, well above the Ministry of Health’s recommended rate of 1%. Some neighborhoods were well above the overall average, such as Nova York, Pacaembu, Cascavel Velho, Jardim Itália I and II, Veneza, Lago Municipal, Presidente and Aquarela do Brasil, which recorded a rate of 10.2%.

“The overall rate is alarming, as we are seeing a high number of dengue positive cases in our commune and some strata have shown even higher rates,” says Clair Wagner, head of the Environmental Health Surveillance Division.

The endemic diseases sector will intensify inspections in the most infested areas in the coming days, focusing on guidelines and the elimination of outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. “However, it is urgent that the population also intensify care in this period of rain and heat, that the inhabitants do their homework, the weekly cleaning, do not go out of places which can accumulate water. Recalling that dengue fever is an easy disease to prevent and control against the vector is everyone’s duty,” says Clair.

This week’s Arbovirus Bulletin reports 236 cases. Within a week, the number increased by 60%.

Check the infestation by region:

Stratum 11 – (New York, Pacaembu, Cascavel Velho, Jardim Itália I and II, Veneza, Municipal Lake, Presidente and Aquarela do Brasil), presented an index of 10.2% (high risk);

Stratum 07 – (Angra dos Reis, Esmeralda, Sienna, Santos Dumont, Airport, Guarujá, Vila Dione, Quebec, November 16 Itapuã, Santa Felicidade), index 8.7% (high risk);

Stratum 06 (3 center II, Palmeiras I, Alto Alegre, Santo Onofre, Santa Cruz I and II, Fag, Treviso, Paulo Godoy), rate of 8.7% (high risk);

Stratum 10 (Padovani, Jardim União, Santa Catarina, Faculdade I and II, Universitário, Turisparque, Veredas) index of 6.3% (high risk);

Stratum 05 (Tropical, Parque Verde, Cidade Verde, Moradas, Terra Nova, Tropical II, Acclimatization, Coqueiral, Palmeiras II), index of 5.5% (high risk).


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