Levels at the limit? Tips for Lowering “Bad” Cholesterol Naturally – Lifestyle

High “bad” or LDL cholesterol is a major risk factor for developing life-threatening cardiovascular disease.

According to an article published on the Nova Mulher website, the fatty substance not only increases the risk of having a heart attack, but can also increase the likelihood of having a stroke.

Natural treatments for lowering LDL levels generally focus on controlling cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.

How to lower cholesterol naturally

First of all, you must follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Experts, in an interview with the Healthline portal, point out that to lower cholesterol naturally, individuals must follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain adequate weight, increase physical activity, eat a balanced diet and avoid tobacco.

other tips

The consumption of artichoke tea, for example, acts actively against hypercholesterolemia due to its depurative properties and its ability to regulate blood pressure.

Ginger not only helps lower LDL levels, it improves digestion, eases water retention, and promotes weight loss.

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