Jornal Médico – Rising costs make it difficult to access essential medicines

APOGEN – Portuguese Association of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines echoes its concern over the sudden rise in the rate of inflation.

From the prices of energy – fuels, electricity – and raw materials, equipment and tools, which influence the production of generic and biosimilar medicines, APOGEN highlights the negative impact on the sustainability of the sector, with direct implications on the technologies of health and access to priority therapies. areas.

Hence the warning – “if urgent measures are not implemented [que assegurem a] production line [de] generics and biosimilars” – for the “risk of compromising the maintenance of many drugs on the market, leading to inevitable consequences in access and in the creation of health value”.

APOGEN associates would like to point out that currently they are already experiencing “serious difficulties in securing the production” of many essential medicines “because successive governments have ignored factors such as the sustainability of the sector.”

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