Elden Ring player pretends to be an NPC and escapes the invader • Eurogamer.pt

One of the unique things about Elden Ring is that you can kill enemies over and over again to get all of their gear (including armor and weapons), which basically leaves you exactly like them.

One player decided to make hilarious use of this quirk, impersonating an NPC when invading another player. Disguised as a private in the first zone, he went completely unnoticed by the enemy.

You have to thank the player for keeping his role. It always followed the same course, back and forth and vice versa, perfectly imitating the behavior of an NPC.

There was a time when the invader player walked right past him and didn’t notice him. Eventually, the invader got tired of looking for the player and returned to their world.

The problem is that after this video, probably all Elden Ring players will start attacking NPCs during invasions. It’s the only way to be sure!

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