DirectStorage delivers faster gaming on Windows 10 and 11

THE Microsoft announced the official arrival of DirectStorage in computer games. Now, PCs with NVMe SSD storage and dedicated graphics cards will be able to boost game loading speeds.

The technology debuted in the Xbox Series X | S, released at the end of 2020, as one of the main new features of the 9th generation. In addition to reducing load times, the API will also allow games to be larger and more detailed.

How does DirectStorage work?

Currently, a PC game uses the CPU and RAM memory to load all the elements of a game. The problem is that these components can only load one element at a time, which takes a long time. After this process is completed, only then the data is transmitted to the video card.

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With DirectStorage, that changes. Instead of sending data to the CPU, the SSD sends it directly to the graphics card. With the GPU and RAM working together, multiple items can be loaded together at the same time, streamlining the whole process.

How DirectStorage works, according to Microsoft (Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft)

When will games support DirectStorage?

As this is a recent technology, we still don’t have any games that take advantage of the new API. Developers already had access to a preview since July 2021, but only now will they be able to implement it in their games.

The first major production to adopt DirectStorage will be forget itLight productions and Square-Enixwhich will be released on October 11, for PC and PlayStation 5. They must explain in the GDC (Game Developers Conference), on March 23, as they brought technology to the game, inspiring other developers to do the same.

The good news is that DirectStorage will work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, although Microsoft points out that the technology is designed for the new operating system, which the company says “has the latest storage optimizations, and is our recommended method”. player.”

On the left, an NVMe SSD; on the right, a SATA SSD (Photo: Publicity/Kingston)

Additionally, you will need to have an NVMe SSD installed in your computer – not a SATA SSD or a traditional HD – as its internal structure already optimizes and speeds up data access. Now might be a good time to update your PC…

Source: Practical GeekMicrosoft (1, of them), The edge

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