BOLA – Clube de Gonçalo Paciência ends with a Russian company (Germany)

Eintracht Frankfurt, the Bundesliga club in which Portuguese striker Gonçalo Paciência plays, announced in a press release that it had terminated its contract with the Russian company Kaspersky (a technological company specializing in the production of security software for the Internet) “with immediate effect “. .

The decision comes after the “official warning from the Federal Information Security Agency (BSI), which raised doubts about the reliability of the manufacturer of the cybersecurity system”, which the team considers “an area highly sensitive”.

“We have always made it clear that we base our ongoing partnership with Kaspersky on facts and attitudes, not nationalities. With BSI’s opinion, the facts and, therefore, the confidence in the protection of Kaspersky’s products and services have changed considerably”, explained Axel Hellman, spokesperson for Eintracht Frankfurt, stressing: “We have informed Kaspersky management that we will terminate the sponsorship agreement with immediate effect. We have had a very successful and trusting partnership with Kaspersky, and we have always had good and fair cooperation with those involved over the past four years.

The company reacted with a press release, in which it argues that the decision taken by Eintracht Frankfurt is due only to “political reasons”.

“We believe that this decision is not based on a technical evaluation of Kaspersky products – an evaluation we continually advocate across Europe – but for political reasons. We will continue to assure our partners and customers of the quality and integrity of our products and will work with BSI to clarify any necessary points regarding its decision and to address any additional concerns from BSI and other regulators,” reads, fold: “At Kaspersky, we believe in transparency and the continuous implementation of concrete measures, to demonstrate to our customers our continuous commitment to the integrity and reliability of our services. Kaspersky is a private global cybersecurity company and as such has no relationship with the Russian government or any other government.

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