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THE Apple reportedly saved 5 billion euros — about 33 billion reais — by removing the charger and headphones from the box. iPhone. The reduction in spending on each smartphone would be R$180. In addition, the company would have earned around 225 million euros (R$1.5 billion) from the sale of these accessories alone, according to information from the daily news and give CSC Insight.

The company stopped supplying the charger in 2020, when the iPhone 12, on the grounds that it would be a lasting measure. According to Applemost consumers would already have the plug adapter at home and sending a new item would generate the so called electronic waste. In Brazil, the manufacturer was notified by Procon under the allegation of alleged tied selling.

Apple stopped shipping chargers and headphones in 2020 — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

The measure of removing the charger and headset from the box of the iPhone was put into practice under the pretext of reducing the carbon emission of the products of the Apple, which pleased environmentalists but created dissatisfaction among the brand’s fans. After all, even with the removal of accessories, there was no significant reduction in the price of products.

In Brazil, a iPhone 13, the brand’s latest mobile phone, starts at R$7,599 on the official website. Moreover, the consumer who now enters the “ecosystem Apple” you will still have to pay an additional R$191 for the plug adapter and R$210 for the cheapest headset, the Headsetsaccording to the latest values ​​from the official store ofthe applicationthe.

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6 facts about the iPhone 13! Prices, news and everything you need to know!

Aware of this new technological market practice, the Paid responses Procon-SP given Apple and give Samsung, in September 2021, and the companies had to explain themselves under the allegation of alleged tied selling. This is because the consumer needs to purchase the charger to operate the device when the battery runs out. The South Korean manufacturer then passes the course make the plug adapter available for free. The Apple brand, so far, has taken no action.

with information from daily mail

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