″If it’s not the best, it’s among the best…″

Vanda Pinto

Statements by Sergio Busquets, midfielder and captain of Barcelona, ​​on the channel “Vamos” of Movistar Plus, five days before the derby between the emblem “blaugrana” and Real Madrid [domingo, 20h00, no Santiago Bernabéu, estádio dos “merengues”].

What are Real Madrid waiting for after the turnaround against PSG in the Champions League? “It was a very different game in the first and second half. Big teams are capable of doing that. You score one goal, then another… I expect an ambitious Real Madrid who want to win the game, like us, have the ball, to see who is stronger. In the Super Cup, you could see that, even if they were more defensive. In front of their fans, they will want to be more attacking and have the ball. “

Casemiro: “If it’s not the best [jogador do Real Madrid] is among the best. Just look at the games and his journey. The players who evolve in this position are not the flashiest. You focus on goals and assists. Our task is important, we are in the middle of the team, controlling and ordering everything. I admire him, it’s true.

Modric, Kroos or Benzema, which Real Madrid player do you prefer? “I like all good players. All three are. I wouldn’t stay with any, I would stay with my teammates, who are the ones I live with. As a football fan, I know how to value the game and players from other teams.

Is Benzema the most decisive player in La Liga? “Yes, of course. In terms of stats, goals, confidence… You can see a lot of things in your team. For them, it’s a luxury to have him. [na equipa].”

Have Barcelona regained their self-esteem? “Everything is different. The self-esteem, the mindset, the confidence… A new coach arrived who made several changes and brought his philosophy that he gave us so many years ago. years. The new ones have understood little by little. more complete team. We still have a long way to go, but this is the way to go.”

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