YouTube Vanced is discontinued after Google action

The app Advanced YouTubewhich is very popular on Android to bypass video platform ads, will abandoned. The news was given this weekend in a post on the project’s social networks.

According to the developers of YouTube Vanced, the disappearance of the app was due to “legal issues”. As explained by The edgeGoogle has launched an injunction suit for the company, which will have to shut down the app to avoid a lawsuit.

Advanced YouTubeSource: To download

In their statement, the creators of YouTube Vanced explained that all download links for the show will soon be removed. However, those who have already installed the application on their mobile phone will still be able to take advantage of the platform’s services.

The developers point out, however, that the app should stop working in the future, as it will no longer receive updates. According to the team, YouTube Vanced should become obsolete within two years.

Google’s crusade against Vanced has a clear reason: by allowing users to bypass the display of advertisements, the service makes subscription less attractive. YouTubePremium. In addition to removing ads from videos, the paid version of YouTube also includes additional features for the YT Music streaming platform, including offline downloading.

It should be remembered that YouTube Vanced is not Google’s first victim. The company also removed several Discord bots over the past year. After the action that killed solutions like Groovythe company started working on a official integration between the chat platform and YouTube.

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