Volkswagen Financial Services moves to Matosinhos and wants to recruit 130 people – Automóvel

In a statement, LBH announces that “VWFS’ goal is to attract a diverse group of professionals, seeking to recruit 130 people in various fields by the end of 2022”.

VWFS is looking for, among other professions, business analysts, project managers, specialists in test automation, functional applications or purchasing, as well as development engineers.

The project that is now installed at LBH is called Porto Application Center (PAC) by VWFS and occupies approximately 1,100 square meters of the business center of Leça do Balio, in the municipality of Matosinhos. “Our business is undergoing a profound transformation as we transition to a fully digital world and PAC by VWFS is one of our investments for the future. PAC by VWFS takes responsibility for a critical part of our technology that the region de Porto presented a great opportunity for us to settle in a place with a strong digital workforce”, describe Francis Dupuis and René Theuns, of PAC by VWFS, quoted in the press release.

The managers consider that “it is an opportunity to acquire high value-added experience”, since “PAC by VWFS works with several organizations internationally, which, from a career point of view, is rewarding for the employees for the notoriety they can achieve”.

“In addition, we are a dynamic and forward-thinking team that uses modern working methods and offers the prospect of professional advancement. We want people to learn from us and contribute to a company with a global impact”, adds Francis Dupuis and Rene Theuns. .

In the press release, Lionesa Business Hub officials mention having “an expansion plan launched in 2018 which extends to 2025 and, fortunately, meets or even exceeds expectations”.

LBH’s general manager, Eduarda Pinto, attributes the success to aspects such as “the multiplicity of services available to companies and their employees, the landscape and the natural environment, the presence of art on every corner and connection to the main communication routes. ” .

The business center located in Leça do Balio ended 2021 with a “positive balance”, an occupancy rate of 100% and two new buildings, totaling 56,000 square meters.

Officials describe that, thanks to the entry of five new companies, it has been possible to create an additional 800 new jobs, which are added to the 7,000 employees of more than 40 nationalities of the approximately 120 companies previously established.

LBH’s goal is to expand to 110,000 square meters.

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