Twitter: Close Friends is already a reality on Instagram


Each Twitter user will be able to add up to 150 profiles to follow unique tweets

The programmer discovered details about the
© Reproduction / InstagramA programmer discovered details about Twitter’s “close friends”

O Twitter is a social network with great potential for spreading ideas. It was with this idea that the developers created the Platformso that the users managed to uphold their ideals with few characters. There are those who like to share their thoughts with exclusive people, especially after the increase in profiles for the purpose of spreading hatred.

For this reason and others, it seems that the company is studying the implementation of a system of “Close friends“, similar to Instagram. Programmer Nima Owji studied the code of the web application version of Platform and suggested that the resource was found under the title of “Twitter Circle”. The professional found more details about how the tool works.

According to the expert, in Twitter Circle it will be possible to add up to 150 people to read exclusive tweets. Only those who are included in the list will be able to reply, like and read messages. The user can modify the members at any time when he wishes, without notifying who has been added or deleted.

The function is already requested by the Twitter years ago. In an attempt to propagate the ideas of exclusive way, many people create secondary profiles where there is finer control over followers to only talk to that group. Rumors about the tool have been circulating for some time and in January the first indication that it was in development was found.

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