LE BALLON – The “base group” of the national team returns to the “play-off” with Switzerland (Handball)

Paulo Pereira, coach of the national handball team, has unveiled the list of players called up for the double clash with Switzerland regarding the first qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup. He missed the European Championship due to injury.

“Although there are still some absences, this is the basis we have had in recent years. The issue to highlight here is the return to Guimarães which for us is an emblematic city, which is part of recent history, which began in 2019, when we welcomed France. It is an emblematic city, in which we return with great pleasure because we feel a lot of human warmth when we come here”, declared the coach, referring to the stage of the first match with the Swiss team, scheduled for 17 March.

Paulo Pereira also analyzed the opponent: “The disadvantage is that Switzerland is the strongest team and the advantage is that you have to understand that to defeat them you have to go with all the energy we have. If we apply the established plan well, we will beat Switzerland. (…) We will have to prepare very well and correct certain things that went less well during the last European Championship. Let’s get to work. They will be a tough opponent because they think the same as us, anyone can win – hopefully it’s us.”

Also worth noting is Guilherme Tavares, a young (19) right-back from Vitória de Setúbal, who will be part of the national team’s training camp from March 14-16.

Here is the full list of the 18 summoned:

Goalkeeper: Gustavo Capdeville (Benfica), Manuel Gaspar (Sporting) and Miguel Espinha (Cesson-Rennes)

Left tip: Diogo Branquinho and Leonel Fernandes (FC Porto)

Left side: André Gomes (Melsungen), Alexandre Cavalcanti (Nantes), Fábio Magalhães (FC Porto), Gilberto Duarte (Montpellier) and Salvador Salvador (Sporting)

pivot: Alexis Borges (Benfica), Daymaro Salina and Victor Iturriza (FC Porto), Tiago Sousa (Águas Santas)

Right side: Belone Moreira (Benfica) and Guilherme Tavares (Vitória de Setúbal)

Good advice : António Areia (FC Porto) and Pedro Portela (Nantes)

Central: Rui Silva (FC Porto) and Miguel Martins (Pick Szeged)

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