A BOLA – Vice-president of Benfica subject to disciplinary proceedings (Futsal)

The Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation announced on Monday the opening of disciplinary proceedings against Fernando Tavares, the vice-president of Benfica for the modalities.

In question, the manager’s statements after the defeat in the final of the Futsal League Cup, with Sporting, on February 27.

“What happened here was a real shame, a joke. A team of referees without any quality,” Fernando Tavares said at the time, reinforcing the criticism: “It will be very difficult to bring down this team, unless there is another theft like the one that happened here today.”

According to the Disciplinary Board’s statement, the initiation of the disciplinary proceedings follows the disciplinary involvement of the Portuguese Association of Football Referees and the Arbitration Board of the Portuguese Football Federation.

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