Rúben Amorim on Matheus Nunes: ‘I know there were already proposals in January’ – Sporting

Highly-coveted Leo midfielder

Matheus Nunes didn’t even travel to Manchester as he was serving a suspension, but did enter the conversation between Sporting and Man. town, as the recording progresses, during a lunch that took place last Wednesday at the Tast Catala. Pep Guardiola’s restaurant. Asked this Sunday about the interest in the midfielder, Rúben Amorim said that problems of this nature are the responsibility of Frederico Varandas and Hugo Viana. “Compared to Matheus, he is like the other players. I know there have already been offers even in January, the Champions League showcase has increased the desire of the players considerably. I play my part, which is to have a better team Every year, the role of Hugo Viana and the president is to deal with these situations,” he said during the preview press conference of Moreirense-Sporting, scheduled for Monday. at 8:15 p.m.


Matheus Nunes at table in Manchester after praise from Guardiola

Rúben Amorim and the fight for the title:

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