The Galaxy S22 has a free update that makes it much faster!

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There’s good news for anyone with a Galaxy S22. It’s just that a new update is available that unlocks the full potential of this gear and that’s definitely good news. This update comes in response to a recent issue but goes further than that. It is already being made available overseas and according to the well-known leakster ice universe it allows people to get more gaming power. After all, everyone is happy with a faster Galaxy S22!

The Galaxy S22 has a free update that makes it much faster!

Galaxy S22 faster

The fix allows Galaxy S22 users to disable the mode that limits gaming performance. Thus, the limits are no longer imposed on the graphics card and CPU which are installed by default on this device.

Many people may be surprised by the reasons for the presence of these Limits when in reality all users want maximum performance. However, it has a purpose. It’s just that Samsung also wants its smartphones to have more battery life. So not everything can always work to the fullest.

Anyway, this mode seems to be the answer for anyone who has a Galaxy S22 and often finds themselves at home or at least near an outlet. So even if it wears out faster, there won’t be a problem. Everything can turn to the maximum and the difference in speed is quite noticeable!

Galaxy S22 faster

In any case, instead of being Samsung to decide, the choice is in the hands of the users Samsung. When they need more speed, they turn off the limits. When they want the battery to last longer because they will be away from home for a long time, they activate it.

The update is currently only available in South Korea. That said, it will be a matter of waiting for it to reach everyone.

This was no doubt a good fix from Samsung after they found out that some apps had performance limitations. This is undoubtedly the best way to make users happy.

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