THE BALL – “Díaz’s goal was spectacular, very brave” (Liverpool)

Jurgen Klopp was happy with the 2-0 win over Brighton, especially at times, and didn’t want to get into the controversy over the need to send off goalkeeper Robert Sanchez, who had a tough challenge on Luis Díaz when he finished by marking.

“I have no idea if it was for the sending off, I only saw it once. We had a lot of chances, a lot of counterattacks which we didn’t use, but It’s okay, I don’t want to be too critical of the guys. We deserve to win, that’s all I ask,” he told BT Sport.

The German coach also commented on FC Porto’s Colombian goal: “Luis did what a striker should do. Didn’t see a repeat, but it was pretty spectacular at first. Going there was brave, a big goal.

Mohamed Salah was replaced and the coach expressed himself uncomfortably: “Something was wrong, a sprain on the foot, we will have to see better.”

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