Paim talks about World Kidney Day and kidney health prevention

In a speech this Thursday (10), Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) highlighted World Kidney Day, celebrated on March 10. The date was created by the International Society of Nephrology and aims to promote a global campaign for kidney health.

— Maintaining a healthy diet, adequate hydration, are habits that we must maintain for the proper functioning of the kidneys. Kidney diseases have no signs or symptoms, when they occur the disease is already in an advanced and dangerous stage. Hence the importance of the word “prevention”, he says.

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Paim pointed out that some risk factors for developing kidney disease are being overweight, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and family history. According to the global average, one in ten people has the disease.

— It is estimated that by 2040, chronic kidney disease could be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. This is why this progress must be stopped. Disease prevention is essential and hence the importance of leading a healthy life.

Paim also said that the Senate approved, this Wednesday (9), the holding of a special session to commemorate World Kidney Day.

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