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Last week heart patients were surprised by the Pharmaceutical advertising Sanofi Medley on the recall of all batches of medicinal products manufactured with the active substance losartan.

Losartan belongs to a group called angiotensin 1 blockers. It is a very important substance in the treatment of heart diseases such as high pressure and heart failure, as well as in the treatment of hypertension associated with kidney problems.

The “voluntary and preventive” decision, according to the company itself, was taken after the discovery of impurities in the pills that could cause mutations and increase the risk of cancer.

The measure, however, is not seen by the medical community as a cause for panic among patients, as cases of potential side effects have not yet been confirmed and there are other treatment alternatives.

“Of course, impurities are a concern, but that’s why there is quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. These impurities can represent serious neurological, cancerous and other problems, but they were quickly taken out (from the market),” says physician Ludhmila Hajjar, professor of cardiology at USP School of Medicine.

The doctor clarifies that the withdrawal of the drug is not related to losartan from other companies, generic losartan, or other similar drugs, such as valsartan, irbesartan and candesartan.

“The recall of losartan only affects Sanofi Medley Pharmaceuticals because they found impurities in the tablets.”

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drug exchange

In a press release published by Sanofi, the company warns that an abrupt cessation of treatment without medical advice or an alternative treatment poses a greater risk to the health of the patient “than the potential risk presented by a low level impurity”. .

Hajjar recommends patients contact their doctor to migrate to the drug from other labs. “My assessment is simple: patients who use losartan from other laboratories will continue. Patients who have used the Sanofi Medley will change laboratories,” he specifies. “Today, there are drugs that change the fate of patients suffering from cardiovascular problems for the better,” continues the cardiologist.

The doctor explains that patients who have used the drug can lead a normal life. The risk of complications caused by the drug can be monitored with routine control tests.

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