Central do Pego: the jury confirms that the best proposal comes from Endesa and excludes Greenvolt

The jury of the tender for the allocation of connection capacity to the electricity network currently occupied by the Pego coal-fired power station confirmed, in the examination of its preliminary report, that the best offer presented in the auction belongs to the Spanish Endesa.

The minutes relating to the revised preliminary report, already published by the Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG), result from a meeting of the jury which took place last Friday, and which served to assess the objections presented by several competitors, dissatisfied with their scores in the initial report.

Endesa retained the top spot, now adding 3.42 points, down from the original report’s 3.72 points.

In second position, Tejo Energia (owner of the Pego coal-fired power plant, which has Endesa as a minority shareholder, but in dispute with the majority shareholder, Trustenergy), which saw its score drop slightly, from 3.27 to 3 ,2 points.

Greenvolt, who had taken third place with 3.18 points, is now ruled out by the judging panel as its bid was conditional.

Third place went to Voltalia, with 2.02 points (identical to the first evaluation), while Brookfield and Bondalti saw their project in fourth place, with 2.01 points (below the initial 2.16 points) .

The last ranked company remains EDP Renováveis, with 1.47 points (even below the 1.57 points of the first evaluation).

The initial valuation was contested by Greenvolt, Endesa, Voltalia and Tejo Energia. Neither EDP Renováveis ​​nor the Bondalti-Brookfield alliance challenged the jury’s preliminary result.

Unlike the Tejo Energia project, which envisaged the continued use of Pego’s facilities to burn biomass and, at a later stage, invest in solar energy, the Endesa project envisages the abandonment of the current plant infrastructure. coal-fired electricity, providing for the use of grid connection points to install a set of projects of renewable origin.

Endesa’s proposal includes a large-scale solar power plant, wind farms, battery storage and green hydrogen production, according to Express advanced to February 4.

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