Brazil is the country with the most expensive new iPhones and iPads in the world

Cell phones cost almost double the amount charged in the United States. (Photo: Advertising/Apple)

Brazil is the country where the iPhone SE 2022 and the new iPad Air cost the most on the planet. This observation was made by the Japanese site Nukeni, which analyzed the prices of Apple products in 37 countries.

The amount charged for the devices launched last Tuesday (8) can reach almost double that charged in the United States, where the brand’s devices are the cheapest in the world.

According to the report, the 64GB version of the iPhone SE 2022 is coming to Brazil at a price of R$4,199, while in the US the model sells for the equivalent of R$2,171.86, already with converted value plus US taxes. — the difference exceeds R$ 2 thousand. In the 256 GB model, the discrepancy between the amounts charged is even greater: R$2.7 thousand.

The second most expensive country in the world to buy the new smartphone is Peru, where the entry-level model costs around R$300 less than in Brazil. The difference increases when we compare our country with the third place on the list, Norway, where the new iPhone costs around R$1,220 less than in Brazilian lands.

In addition to the iPhone SE 2022, all devices launched last week by Apple are more expensive in Brazil. The new iPad Air, for example, arrives in the country for R$6,799, in the 64GB version, while North Americans can buy it for R$3,032 – less than half the value. Countries like Canada, China, and Thailand follow the United States in the list of cheapest devices.

mac studio

The high Brazilian market price also applies to Mac Studio. The entry-level model of the new computer is sold in the United States for the equivalent of R$10,120, while in Brazil the value reaches R$22,999, almost R$13,000 more. In the high-end version, the bill can reach more than R$26,000.

The Studio Display, the Mac Studio monitor, is sold separately for R$7,963 in the United States. Here in Brazil, the device costs R$10,000 more, in the simplest version. In a more advanced model, the increase exceeds R$14,000.

To conduct the study, developer Jun Saito of the Nukeni website analyzed the launch price of the devices on Apple’s website for each country. He applied the tax amounts to the final price charged in the United States and Canada, so that it was possible to make a comparison with other countries.

Apple products are usually launched at exorbitant prices in Brazil. This complaint goes back to the days of the iPhone 4S in 2011. The following year, consumers interested in the iPhone 5 were also suffering from the same problem. In 2016, a German study had already recognized Brazil as the country that charges the most iPhones, with a price 156% higher than the cheapest market, the United States.

Despite still exorbitant prices, Apple products are cheaper in Brazil. According to the Nukeni website report, the values ​​are around 5% lower than what was previously charged.

The iPhone 13, for example, was launched with more affordable figures than the previous year’s model, due to factors such as the price in dollars and the change in the storage capacity of the devices, which influence the value. final.