The strengthening of combat actions is the subject of a technical meeting in Brasilia

Strengthening actions to prevent and fight against HIV and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) was the main theme of a technical meeting promoted this week by the Ministry of Health, in partnership with PAHO (Pan American Health Organization). Health) and UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS).

The meeting was held on the 9th and 10th, with the aim of presenting combined initiatives that have been developed in the states of Acre, Rondônia and Roraima, between 2020 and 2021.

The General Coordinator of Health Surveillance, Valdirene Oliveira, presented the epidemiological situation and the urgent prevention measures that have been applied in the State, through the Combined Prevention Project.

“The actions were concentrated in three municipalities, namely Boa Vista, because it concentrates a large part of the population; Pacaraima and Rorainópolis, which are border municipalities and have a constant flow of people. The idea of ​​this project was to strengthen the articulation of these cities for actions related to the theme and the execution of the training of community leaders and technical cooperation in the fight against HIV and STIs”, a- he pointed out.

To the participants of the meeting, the coordinator stressed the importance of the strategies implemented with the health secretariats and the coordination of the health surveillance of the municipalities, such as the agreement of priority actions to expand the offer of PEP , PrEP, ART and HIV Self-test .

“Our work has worked in an integrated way and we want to strengthen screening for the population, thus helping in the discussions on the offer of these services in the same context of covid-19, with an emphasis on diagnostic flows, of treatment and ongoing care”, underlined.

More than 70,000 rapid HIV tests were performed in 2021

According to data from the State Nucleus for STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Control, 74,540 rapid HIV tests were performed last year, while in 2020 the number was 26,208 tests. This type of examination is done free of charge in any UBS (Basic Health Unit).

It should also be remembered that health care for HIV-positive patients is provided by the National Core for the Fight against STDs/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, which operates in the SAE (Specialized Assistance Service). The unit is responsible for monitoring and caring for people living with HIV/AIDS in the capital, through a multidisciplinary team, in addition to the care provided by primary care.

In the countryside, this assistance is carried out by the primary care of the municipalities, and the direct treatment of the pathology can be carried out in Bonfim, Pacaraima, Rorainópolis, Alto Alegre and Amajari. Other cities are monitoring, identifying and reporting cases.

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