Razer has a new collection of content production gear

A wireless microphone, mixer and key lights are Razer’s first for the 2022 content creator.

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THE Razer is back with new peripherals, this time dedicated to content creators, podcasters and professionals who need to be in front of the camera or the microphone and with maximum freedom.

The new collection of peripherals includes the new Razer Seiren BTthe wireless version of the famous Seiren microphone, which can be controlled via a smartphone and which, thanks to its wireless nature, can leave the desk and be placed on tripods, selfie sticks and other less conventional places and subjects to noise, while maintaining the clarity and quality of other microphones in the Seiren range.

Razer has also added new products to its catalog with this collection, such as the Razer Audio Mix, a complete solution for controlling four audio channels with precision and in real time during recordings and broadcasts. This audio mixer supports multiple audio inputs, where you can level volumes, mix channels, and even apply sound effects, using Razer Synapse 3.

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