‘Março Azul Petróleo’ is dedicated to the prevention of cervical cancer

March is the month dedicated to awareness and raising awareness in the prevention and fight against cervical cancer. In Sergipe, the Legislative Assembly of Sergipe (Alese) approved Bill No. With the Law No. 8198 of December 28, 2016the month ‘Março Azul Petróleo’ was established, dedicated to actions to prevent and fight against cervical cancer.

According to the proposal, it was established to carry out actions for the prevention and fight against this type of cancer, to be carried out in cooperation with the private sector and with civil entities, through clarification campaigns, examinations and other educational and preventive control actions. disease.

In addition to all this, to promote the exchange of experiences and information on the subject between professionals, patients and society in general, and also to encourage the State vaccination campaign against the HPV virus, aimed at young people aged 9 to 13 and the preventive smear test. to detect the disease at an early stage.


In December 2016, a public hearing was held in the Legislative Chamber of Sergipe, held by the President of the Commission for Health, Assistance and Social Security of Alese (at the time), who was the former deputy Sílvia Fontes. Under the theme: Sergipe Contra O Cero de Utero, the event brought together renowned specialists, such as oncologist Nivaldo Vieira, who revealed the expectation of 220 new cases of the disease in the state in 2016, most in Aracaju.

At the time, the alert was left that in Brazil the number of uterine cancers is alarming; not all cases are estimated; and which is the third highest incidence among women.

By Kelly Monique Oliveira

24 hour press

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