Heapa promotes clinical sepsis protocol training

The infectiologist Taiguara Franca speaks with the employees of the multidisciplinary team of the auditorium of Heapa

To improve the protocol of clinical sepsis, the State Hospital of Aparecida de Goiânia Cairo Louzada (Heapa) has promoted this Friday morning (11/3), a lecture given by the doctor of infectious diseases Taiguara Franca, in the auditorium of the government unit of Goias

Aimed at the medical and interprofessional team of the Government Unit of Goiás, the training aims to update the knowledge of the team and improve the efficiency of hospital care for this serious pathology and with a high percentage of evolution towards death in the world. .

Known as generalized infection, sepsis is a collection of severe manifestations throughout the body produced by an infection. Its early detection and adequate treatment are key factors in changing this scenario.

The implementation of managed clinical protocols is a useful tool in this context, helping facilities standardize care for septic patients, reduce negative outcomes and provide better treatment efficiency.

During the training, Franca covered the following topics: how to diagnose sepsis and the tools used; how to manage patients with the disease; organ dysfunction associated with sepsis and septic shock; and how to apply the antibiotic protocol to treat the disease.

“The faster the diagnosis is made and the faster the treatment is started, the more patients we will be able to recover with a lower percentage of bad evolution. Therefore, the hospital must always train the entire multidisciplinary team, promote continuous training, keep a team aligned and ready to act quickly, “said the infectious disease specialist.

Patricia Borges (text and photo)/IGH

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