Google has just become more compatible with the iPhone and iPad!

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Google has released a major update for smartphones pixel, which has brought new features and improvements to these Android smartphones. Now Google just did the same thing for those with an iPhone and iPad. In practice, it offers Apple users what is already available on the competing platform.

Google has just become more compatible with the iPhone and iPad!

Many people who use Google apps on their iPhone complain that they are not entitled to all the features that are present in the brother android. However, this has just changed and there are several functions that have just arrived.

Google iPhone iPad

First, the Google Translate widget is now available for iOS users. This way it is much easier to take a photo on the iPhone to translate the text or use the conversation mode in two languages.

But there is also news on the iPad. That said, we now have access to an XL widget for the Google Drive which allows us to quickly access all the files we need. The new widget has even been developed for the iPad and should hit everyone next week. However, it should have more shortcuts so people can quickly find what they are looking for. From priority files to shared files.

Google iPhone iPad

Finally, the gmail and Chat will also update to see the photo of the person who emailed or chatted to us in notifications. This makes identification much easier. Additionally, we have more control over how they appear both in the main iPhone window and in the iPad.

It is true that these are not the biggest changes in the world, but there is no doubt that they bring Apple users closer to the Android world.

This news, as always, comes gradually to users. So if for some reason you still haven’t received them, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. However, in the next few weeks they should be available to everyone.

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