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Brazil Agency – Rio de Janeiro

The Institute of Drug Technology (Farmanguinhos) of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) has started distributing the drug Dolutegravir 50 mg. O antiretroviral for the treatment of people living with HIV is the result of a strategic alliance with the pharmaceutical company GSK and ViiV Healthcare, signed in July 2020.Fiocruz begins distribution of antiretroviral drug DolutegravirFiocruz begins distribution of antiretroviral drug Dolutegravir

In February, the first shipment was delivered to the institution, totaling 16.5 million pills. Throughout the year, more than 64.5 million pharmaceutical units of the drug will be sent to the Unified Health System (SUS).

According to Fiocruz, the internalization of technology of Dolutegravir will be done by reverse transfer, starting with the last step (quality control and analysis of the packaging) and, little by little, Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz will absorb the other steps of the process.

“In this way, the drug will be entirely manufactured in the partner laboratory. After the period, the institute begins to produce the demand gradually. At the end of the transfer, all production will be carried out at the Drug Technology Complex (CTM) of Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz,” the institution said.

The project also provides for collaboration for the local manufacture of a combination of this antiretroviral with lamivudine 300 mg in a single daily dose. The technology will be transferred to Farmanguinhos in phases.

“The partnership will also generate savings for public coffers with a reduction in the cost of acquiring drugs, which reduces the HIV/AIDS Program’s dependence on imported inputs, in the medium and long term”, Fiocruz informed.

According to the director of Farmanguinhos, Jorge Mendonça, another objective is to bring to Brazil more knowledge in the manufacture of these strategic products for the SUS.

“Farmanguinhos is always looking for the best in terms of technology and adherence to treatment. With this strategic alliance, we started to supply the two main drugs for the treatment of HIV, Dolutegravir, as well as the combination of Tenofovir and Lamivudine.

In the next two years, with the transfer of technology, we plan to produce Dolutegravir within our unit and, in the near future, to manufacture its combination with Lamivudine, or other combinations that the Ministry of Health, through STDs/AIDS, endorse,” he said in a statement.


Dolutegravir 50mg is considered one of the most modern antiretroviral drugs currently used in the treatment of HIV worldwide. The drug was introduced in the SUS in 2016 and distributed to more than 300,000 patients, benefiting those who have not yet started treatment with other antiretrovirals or who have shown resistance to previous formulations.

Brazil has become a world reference in its policy of universal access to antiretrovirals. According to Fiocruz, Farmanguinhos is the main public producer of this class of drugs, working to expand the availability of treatments to patients.

Currently, the institute’s portfolio has nine products: Dolutegravir, Atazanavir, Efavirenz, Lamivudine, Nevirapine, Zidovudine, Lamivudine+Zidovudine and Tenofovir+Lamivudine, and Emtricitabine+Tenofovir, used in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

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