Barbosa environmental monitoring uncovers multiple dengue mosquito outbreaks

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Carlos Barbosa- The Municipal Department of Health, through the Environmental Surveillance sector, alerts on the outbreaks of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito confirmed in the municipality. So far, 100 outbreaks have been discovered, spread across all neighborhoods. According to data from the Secretariat, one case was confirmed at the end of February.

In order to control the situation and eliminate mosquito outbreaks, eight Environmental Surveillance field workers conduct home visits to identify outbreaks and guide people on essential care to eradicate them. The application of Fumacê, known as insecticide spraying, a cloud of insecticide smoke that spreads in the streets and homes and one of the ways to control Aedes aegypti, was also carried out.

In addition, with the aim of alerting the population to the correct disposal of materials likely to accumulate water and, therefore, to avoid possible breeding sites for mosquito larvae, the “Bota Fora was carried out from March 7 to 10 in the urban area. and will be held March 21-23 indoors.

Environmental Surveillance requires everyone’s understanding to allow agents to enter their land to carry out visits and eliminate materials that can accumulate water. Recalling that the agents will be identified.

Below we list some simple precautions that are very effective in controlling Aedes aegypti, both for indoor and outdoor areas.

Interior care:

– Cover water tanks and reservoirs;

– Keep the gutters always clean;

– Always leave the bottles upside down;

– Keep bins well covered;

– Keep drains clean and with strainer application;

– Clean or refill the pots of potted plants weekly;

– Clean the animals’ water pots with a loofah or a brush;

– Remove any water that may accumulate behind the washing machine.

Exterior maintenance:

– Cover and carry out periodic maintenance of the pool and hot tub areas;

– Clean drains and external channels;

– Leave the canvas used to cover the objects well stretched, thus avoiding the formation of puddles of water;

– Pay attention to bromeliad and aloe plants, among others, which can accumulate water.

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