678,300 pediatric vaccines against Covid-19 have already been applied in Paraná

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FORTwo months from the end in Paraná, vaccination against Covid-19 in children aged 5 to 11 has already registered 678,300 requests. The data comes from a State Department of Health (Sesa) survey held this Friday, March 11.

According to the data transmitted by the municipalities to the Regional Health Directorates, 612,389 first doses (D1) have already been administered, in addition to 65,959 second applications (D2), reaching a coverage of nearly 57% of the estimated public in D1. . The Ministry of Health estimates that Paraná has 1,075,294 children in this age group.

“We have completed two years of the pandemic in Paraná and just over a year of vaccination that is reaching one of its last stages, which is the vaccination of children. We must continue to vaccinate our children, whether with the first or the second dose to defeat this invisible enemy as soon as possible,” said the Secretary of State for Health, Beto Preto.

All municipalities already vaccinate by age group, without comorbidities. At least 344 municipalities already vaccinate children aged 5 or over; 43 have been vaccinating for more than 6 years; six over 7 years old; three over 8 years old; one over 9 years and two over 10 years.

Sesa has already received 1.6 million pediatric vaccines and has already decentralized more than 1.3 million vaccinators.

“While we have already sent more than a million vaccines for the first dose, we have around 400,000 doses that have not yet been applied. We rely on the awareness of the population and the power to convince, that these parents trust the vaccinators and have their children vaccinated,” said Beto Preto.


The preliminary figures are higher than the data available in the Vaccinometer of the Ministry of Health. On the platform, Paraná recorded 492,062 applications, including 458,043 in D1. The difference in data may be linked to instabilities in the national database of the National Vaccination Program (PNI), in addition to notification delays.

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