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After being responsible for several recent cyberattacks, notably in Portugal, press groupLapsus$ Group has struck again, and this time it has focused its attention on two tech giants: Samsung and NVidia.

In the case of the South Korean manufacturer, hackers claim to have stolen 190 GB of data which, according to them, contains confidential information from the company on the security systems of its equipment.

Hackers claim to have managed to steal bootloader code from the latest Galaxy devices, as well as code related to the devices’ biometric authentication system and encryption system from Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

in the statements at Bloomberg, Samsung confirms that its systems have been compromised. However, the company does not provide details on the origin of the incident, nor on the presence, among the stolen information, of data on encryption or biometric authentication.

“According to our initial analysis, the leak includes source code related to the operation of Galaxy equipment, but does not contain personal information of our consumers or employees,” says the South Korean technology.

“At this time, we do not foresee any impact on our business or our customers. We have measures in place to prevent such incidents and will continue to serve our customers without interruption,” he underlines.

In the case of NVidia, hackers from the Lapsus$ group claim to have stolen more than 1TB of data from the North American technology, which has already begun to be exposed online, since the company will not have given in to their demands. . The international press reports that among the stolen information is the source code of the drivers for its graphics cards, as well as the identifiers of more than 71,000 employees of the company.

Technology confirmed that, at the end of February, was the victim of a “cybersecurity incident” which impacted its computer systems. After identifying what was happening, NVidia says it tightened its network security, contacted cybersecurity experts and alerted authorities.

In messages previously left on its Telegram group, hackers have threatened to expose the stolen information if NVidia does not give in to their demands. The group urged the tech company to remove cryptocurrency mining limitations on its graphics cards, in addition to wanting the company to make the card’s driver code completely open-source.

Additionally, as the website progresses beeping computertwo code-signing certifications stolen in the attack, which, although outdated, are used to conceal malware.

We recall that, just last month, hackers from the Lapsus$ group threatened publish Impresa Group data, as well as Vodafone on the Internet, although they only claimed the first of the attacks. The group of hackers would also have attacked the Brazilian sites Americanas and Submarino, managed by the same company. Previously, the hackers had complained about the attack to the Brazilian Ministry of Health as well as operator Claro.

Editor’s note: The news has been corrected concerning the attacks claimed by the group Lapsus$ in Portugal.

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