PC Building Simulator 2 is announced and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store

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The PC construction simulator will have a career mode with over 30 hours and 1200 official hardware parts

It is not easy for anyone to build their own PC. That you’re already tired of knowing, because the price of the material is not at all inviting. To satisfy the desire of those who want to build a new PC, or who love simulation games, the Spiral House has just announced Building Simulator 2 PC game, no confirmed release date yet.

PC Building Simulator 2 on the Epic Games Store

The game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store and is now accessible via the game’s page on the website. It is important to emphasize that despite the announcement, the The minimum and recommended requirements to run the game have yet to be revealed. It would be ironic if the game required a very powerful machine, but hopefully the game doesn’t require a PC with powerful hardware.

According to Spiral House, PC Building Simulator 2 comes with a career mode that will last more than 30 hours. In addition, the game has 1200 pieces of official and licensed materialfrom companies like Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

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From the trailer, we can see that RGB lights and ways to make your case more stylish will be one of the main elements of the game. The developer claims that PC Building Simulator 2 brings enhanced graphics by increasing the realism hardware and bringing the experience of building a PC to the player.

Everyone wants to build a PC

If it’s too expensive to assemble your own PC, maybe playing PC Building Simulator 2 will help you satisfy your cravings. At Adrena, the team still builds cases to test hardware and games. Recently, we decided to update our famous CRISIS PC and 3D print a case.

After some mishaps along the way, with a very strong heat wave – and the negligence of the team that let the parts bend – the new PC DA CRISE was born, with an estimated cost of R$ 150. Here- Below you can see the material used for printing:

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  • PLA filament, 599 grams ($0.1 per gram, paid to print)
  • Micro ATX Horizontal Case Design – Download link
  • 2x tempered glass (2x R$ 15)
  • PC Switch On/Off Button ($15)
  • USB PC Panel Front Panel 2.0 (R$34)


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