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As is the case in several cities in the region, Toledo faces a worrying epidemiological picture in terms of dengue fever. Over the past seven days, 60 people with typical symptoms of the disease – petechiae (red spots on the skin), abdominal pain and fever, for example – have received medical attention, and some have required hospitalization.

According to the coordinator of the Sector for the Control and Fight against Endemic Diseases, Lilian Konig, these notifications are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Paulista and Santa Clara IV, and put them in an imminent epidemic situation. “We even work on weekends to block off the surroundings of the home of the person suspected of dengue fever symptoms. It is a job in which the Endemic Disease Control Officer (ACE) spreads, with an intercostal pump, a substance with insecticide against the Aedes aegypti. It has not been an easy task, as we find considerable foci of this mosquito in large numbers. Just to give you an idea, there were 15 of that size in an area of ​​nine blocks, mostly in open or poorly covered cisterns,” he reports.

“A significant part of the population has not cooperated as it should. To change this, we ask everyone to open doors and windows when spraying insecticide and to periodically sweep the yard, removing or covering all objects that can accumulate water, at least one times per week. In addition, we recommend that you also use a repellent by passing it on your skin at least every two hours. For now, it should be a habit that must be part of our routine,” he observes.

Lilian also asks the population not to create obstacles to the work of the CAEs. “When the agent visits the property and can’t find anyone, they leave a note with the number they can call to schedule a new visit outside of business hours. For the good of the whole community, we ask people who find themselves in this situation to do so. With the current situation, in which notifications are increasing considerably, things tend to get worse and the time has come to contain this disease, before the situation is completely out of our control,” he warns. “In order not to be completely ‘in the dark’, without knowing the level of infestation of Aedes in our municipality, we ask that people with symptoms of dengue fever immediately consult a doctor and do, at the right time, the examination to detect the disease”, he adds.

From the Town Hall of Toledo-PR

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