MEO outsmarts NOS and Vodafone with this “revolutionary technology”

Altice Portugal, owner of MEO, has already demonstrated in the past its ability to bring to the fixed Internet network technologies that have changed the sector. Today, he claims to be the first to bring technology that “revolutionizes the speeds available on the fixed Internet network, offering symmetrical experiences”.

In a statement, the company reveals that it is the first to bring the technology XGS-PON to all customer segments through a pilot project. This is an internet network that promises symmetrical fixed internet speeds much higher than current ones.

This technology will cover residential and commercial customers in nine Portuguese cities: Aveiro, Braga, Castelo Branco, Évora, Faro, Leiria, Lisbon, Porto and Viseu. The objective is “to ensure the decentralization of the diffusion of the technology, to test it in different contexts and to enrich the project.

This is a project developed by Altice Labs and coordinated with Altice Empresas and MEO. It claims to be “the latest XGS-PON optical network technology that will revolutionize fixed Internet speeds in Portuguese homes and businesses”.

What awaits you with XGS-PON technology from MEO?

“Customers of Altice Portugal brands using this technology have the possibility of browsing at speeds which, with the evolution of equipment and networks, could, in the near future, reach values ​​close to 10 Gbps in symmetrical transmission ( either downloading or sending)”, promises the operator.

FiberGateway XGS-PON (1)
FiberGateway XGS-PON

In addition, you can count on “many even more advanced features that this technology allows both in terms of services and in terms of security and encryption of communications”. The first steps have been taken in Aveiro.

Altice Labs is one of the designers and builders of the new FiberGateway XGS-PON router. It is “a state-of-the-art device that guarantees high speeds, maximum indoor Wi-Fi 6 coverage and the best service experience in all circumstances, even when using multiple devices at the same time. time”.

The promise remains that Altice Portugal “will shortly make new services based on XGS-PON technology available to consumers and businesses, progressively across the country, continuing the pilot project now launched”.

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