Male human liver can ‘sex change’, Australian study finds

The organ is sexually dimorphic, meaning it has different characteristics between males and females.

A study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia has shown that the male human liver can “sex-change” and transform into an organ with female characteristics. The modification, according to the research, would occur as a process to protect against possible injury.

The discovery happened by chance, since the initial objective of the work was to understand how sleep disorders can cause metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, in addition to compromising the liver. But during the research, the researchers realized that more severe liver damage in men was associated with a process of liver modification.

The human liver is a sexually dimorphic organ, which means that it has different characteristics between males and females. And in the experiment, initially performed on mice, the scientists knocked out a gene responsible for the functioning of the biological clock and fed the rodents a high-fat diet.

However, the livers of the male mice resorted to estrogen, a female hormone. According to the authors of the research, this transformation would have a protective effect for the organ. According to them, the larger the lesion, the greater the process of “feminization”.

Subsequently, research was also carried out on human beings and the same modification was found in male organs. The information is taken from the Extra newspaper.

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