Instagram removes Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the Play Store

silently the instagram removed its standalone apps Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the Play Store and App Store. However, the social network has just confirmed that it has indeed deleted the applications from the Google and Apple stores.

The change follows the service’s announcement that it is removing the dedicated IGTV app. According to the social network, the deletions are intended to “better focus our efforts on the main application”.

Changes on Instagram

Instagram launched a new effort last year to simplify video discovery on the platform, merge Feed Video and IGTV into a single format called Instagram Video. This move was part of a larger effort to focus more on the core app.

The Meta-owned platform has confirmed to TechCrunch (via: AndroidCentral) that there is removed its standalone apps Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the Play Store and App Store. It makes sense because both of these creative tools have long been available in the main app as camera features.

Instagram’s latest takedown follows its recent announcement that the standalone IGTV app would be discontinued. Closing the old applications dedicated to Boomerang and Hyperlapse is a step in the same direction.


Removal of Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps from Play Store and App Store

The company claims to have removed support for standalone Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps to better focus its efforts on the main app.. “We will continue to work on new ways for people to be creative and have fun on Instagram.”

As AndroidCentral reminds us, this latest move by the platform comes as no surprise, as these standalone apps are no longer needed at a time when many of the best Android phones can already run a photo and video sharing app. overloaded videos.

Hyperlapse and Boomerang were introduced as standalone apps in 2014 and 2015 respectively to keep Instagram lean for the less powerful smartphones available at the time. Fast forward to today, Instagram is ready to pack in a number of features to keep up with the competition.

Witness the release of Reels, his TikTok clone. Instagram has also made short videos a priority, with a dedicated reels button now in the center of the bottom navigation tab. Instagram has not officially announced the removal. However, there are reports that they were silently deleted on March 1.

AndroidCentral points out that Instagram’s standalone app for creating collages, called Layout, remains available for download on the Play Store, although it’s already present in the main app.

Via: AndroidCentral

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