Covid-19 cases drop 26% in the Americas, PAHO says

Etienne points out that the Americas region has been “disproportionately” impacted by the crisis

By Ilana Cardial (Estado Agency)

Covid-19 cases fell 26% in the Americas last week, with 1.1 million new infections reported, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Carissa Etienne said Wednesday. at a press conference. Deaths in the region also fell by almost 19%, with 18,000 deaths recorded over the period.

In the week that marks two years of the pandemic, Etienne points out that the Americas region has been “disproportionately” impacted by the crisis.

“With over 2.6 million lives lost, we are reporting more Covid-19 deaths than any other region in the world. Nearly half of all global deaths have occurred in the Americas, despite our region being home to less than 13% of the world’s population,” the director said.

There were more than 148 million recorded infections among American countries.

In her opening speech, Carissa Etienne also underlined that this is “a tragedy of enormous proportions, the effects of which will be felt for years to come”.


Regarding Ukraine, which in addition to the pandemic is also grappling with war, the director said that PAHO is in contact with its partners at the World Health Organization.

She said the country’s health system was under severe pressure and expressed concern about the refugee crisis in Europe.

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