Ryanair follows through on its threat and cuts 19 routes from Lisbon

Ryanair was forced to follow through on its threats to cut 19 routes out of Lisbon this summer, following delays in releasing unused TAP Air Portugal slots. The flights would be carried out using the schedules that the Portuguese company had to abandon in full restructuring.

The hopes of Irish society to conquer these slits just in time for the high season were canceled after the Portuguese government reached an agreement with the European Commission not to make a final decision until the second half of the year.

like the AEROIN previously passed on, a competition was opened on February 25. The European Commission is not expected to decide on the winning airline until June 2022. Use of landing and take-off times would only be granted after that.

“Our last attempt to ask Prime Minister António Costa for help went unanswered. Sadly, Ryanair is now forced to cut its fleet of planes from seven to four at Lisbon in the summer of 2022, a loss of 150 well-paying aviation jobs, over 900,000 fewer passengers and over 250 million passengers. euros of loss of income. tourism in the city of Lisbon this summer »announced Michael O’Leary, CEO of the Ryanair group.

“The loss of these 19 Lisbon routes and 5,000 flights this summer means that Lisbon’s post-Covid recovery will now lag behind other major EU capitals. These cancellations come after several attempts by Ryanair to ask the Portuguese government to intervene to release these unused slots. completed.

Brussels in December last year ordered TAP to make 18 slots available for free, in return for receiving €2.55 billion in restructuring aid from the Portuguese government. Meanwhile, Ryanair said its three planes and 19 routes would return to Lisbon in October 2022 as they would have enough slots for their reduced winter schedule.

The 19 links concerned would connect Lisbon to: Agadir and Oujda (Morocco); Alghero, Bari and Palermo (Italy); Alicante, Lanzarote, Madrid, Tenerife and Zaragoza (Spain); Billund (Denmark); Birmingham and Bournemouth (UK); Baden-Baden and Memmingen (Germany); Malta; Perpignan and Poitiers (France); and Wroclaw (Poland).

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