Remember everything Apple showcased at its Peek Performance event

As usual at Apple events, the news that was revealed today at Peek Performance showed off the best that the brand has prepared. With Tim Cook on stage, everything was laid out and revealed and detailed, setting up what’s to come.

The novelties are numerous and focused on a new iPhone SE and a new iPad Air, with many improvements. In addition, Apple has prepared 2 new surprises, now focused on work, which have taken shape in Mac Studio.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

Late yesterday afternoon, Apple once again revealed a series of very interesting news. These will be available very soon, renewing many of the brand's proposals in key areas, improving the offer for users.

There's a new iPhone SE, now with 5G

The first proposal was the renewal of the iPhone more accessible to all. The SE model has been renewed, still maintaining the same design that the brand has revealed in the past. We still have the arrival of 5G, which many have been waiting for this model.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

In addition to this novelty, there is also the arrival of the SoC A15 Bionic, which brings to the new iPhone SE all the AI ​​capabilities that the brand has created. Combined with the 12 megapixel camera with Deep Fusion, we have image and text recognition.

It is also this SoC which, associated with the Home button, provides the necessary security for user data. The battery is known with more capacity, but without knowing the values. It is also a faster device in terms of performance, both on the CPU and on the GPU.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

Sales of the new iPhone SE begin March 18, with a price tag of $429. In Portugal, the new iPhone SE will cost €529.00, in the 64GB model, and can be controlled from 1 p.m. on 3/11.

The new iPhone SE has arrived, the renewal of one of Apple's classics

The iPad Air is more powerful and already has 5G

In its wave of renovation, Apple has decided to bring new things to one of its successful devices. We are talking about the iPad Air, which received new hardware as well as new features. It now supports 5G and has received the SoC M1, to have even more performance.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

With this new SoC, Apple guarantees a performance improvement of 60% and more efficiency in the energy field. The GPU grows the same and has 2x better performance and its battery guarantees an autonomy of a whole day. The presence of a USB-C port gives you more data transfer speed.

The improvements are also in photography, which now has a 12MP ultra-wide front camera with support for 4K video and Center Stange support. This revamped iPad Air is compatible with the 2nd generation Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Apple iPhone iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

Also arriving on March 30, the iPad Air will be priced at €709 and can be pre-ordered from the 11th of that month.

Apple launches powerful new iPad Air with 5G

M1 Ultra, the most powerful SoC ever designed by Apple

A novelty that Apple prepared in secret was a new SoC. The M1 Ultra is ready to use and brings even more performance, in a simple and intelligent way. By uniting 2 SoC M1 Max, with the UltraFusion architecture, Apple creates a unique and integrated proposition.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

This manages to directly double what the M1 Max offers and includes 20 CPU cores, 64 GPU cores and up to 128GB of RAM. Apple guarantees that it has better CPU and GPU performance than a PC with a 16-core processor, using 100W and 200W less power respectively.

The performance growth is also beyond anything Apple has ever created and the improvements are obvious and immediately visible, with much smoother and much faster performance.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

This new SoC is ready and will be used immediately. Apple wants to put the M1 Ultra in the new Mac Studio, which the brand also presented yesterday.

Apple introduced the new M1 Ultra chip, its most powerful SoC ever

Mac Studio is Apple's new supercomputer

Finally, and already using the SoC M1 Ultra, Apple unveiled its new computer. Mac Studio is a high-performance machine that will be its greatest exponent. It can be purchased with the M1 Max SoC or the new M1 Ultra.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

The version with M1 Max SoC features a 10-core CPU, up to 32 GPU cores, up to 64 GB of unified memory and 400 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The proposal offers a 20-core processor, up to 64 GPU cores, up to 128 GB of unified memory and 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

According to Apple, this computer can connect up to four Pro Display XDR monitors and a 4K TV. It has a headphone output with advanced compatibility for high impedance equipment or powered speakers.

Apple iPhone SE iPad Air M1 Ultra Mac Studio

The new Mac Studio can easily beat the Mac Pro. The brand revealed that Mac Studio is 80% faster than Mac Pro and 3.4 times faster than any iMac. The 19.7 cm2 that the Mac Studio occupies hides a thermal system that allows the M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors to achieve high performance and in almost absolute silence.

The 27" 5K Studio Display monitor supports VESA. It comes with a 12 MP camera (with Center Stage support) and a system of 6 microphones, 4 woofers and 2 tweeters. Apple mentioned that Mac Studio has the ability to play 18 video contents in 8K Pro Res.

Apple Studio Display costs €1799; the Mac Studio with M1 Max is available from €2349 and the model with M1 Ultra €4649.00.

Mac Studio: Apple's new computer is a very powerful "monster"

Apple also took advantage of the Peek Performance event to present a novelty on the iPhone 13. We thus have a new color, green, which can be chosen on the iPhone, Pro and Pro Max. If in the first case it is only green, in the last 2 it is called Verde Alpino.

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